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Country Roads Christmas
Consignment Vendors
We are dedicated to bringing you antiques
that have a voice and that sing a whimsical
tune. We hope that our name brings a smile
to your face and you to our shop to
experience the warmth of Robins in the
Trundle Bed.   View some of our items by
RobinsInTheTrundleBed or come
visit our shop where our items are displayed
in the front parlor and hallway of Country
Welcome to Three Country Friends.   
Step into a room filled with new, gently
used, primitive vintage, and hand-made
items.  We offer an eclectic choice of home
Traditional.   View some of our items by
ThreeCountryFriends or come visit
our shop where our items are displayed in
the ????????? of Country Mischief Plus.   

Welcome to Antique World of Joni
The passion of collecting turned into a
business many years ago. I love the vintage,
old and somewhat shabby side of antiques. I
feel a connection to the creator, the husband
who built his family a kitchen table or desk,
the grandfather who fashions a wonderful
wooden toy for a child. And being a
decorative artist I am drawn to the painted
finish on many earlier pieces.   View several
of our items by clicking
Antique World or
come visit our shop where our items are
displayed in the ????????? of Country
Mischief Plus.   

Welcome to the Eclectic World of Cindy
Kurtchals featuring Olde Weathered
Rustic Stuff.

The secretary I picked turned out to be a
nightmare.  While working on a gazillion
deadlines, one day she said, "You need to get
a life."  I was aghast and hurt.  I would never
talk like that to a boss.  I did sign up for tee
shirt painting classes at the Benjamin
Franklin Craft Store in my town.  I
completed quite a few painted pieces of
clothing.   Breathless one day, a co-worker
came after lunch and said, "Cindy, there is a
new craft mall opening down the street and
they need crafters."  I got in on the ground
floor of that shop and have been doing this
ever since.
Today, I acquire "olde stuff."  Paint falling
off.  If it's old wood or rust, it's a magnet.  
This is my passion, avocation, and living.  
I've advertised in Country Sampler
Magazine, Country Register newspaper, and
other papers.
Shops I have sold in stretch from Florida,
Kansas, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Ohio,
and Massachusetts.
Gail's Country Mischief in Templeton,
Massachusetts, has always been my favorite
shop since I was introduced to it 10 years
ago.  Her shop CM Plus, down the street, is
where I am set up downstairs.  :)   Not
everything is old wood or rust.  There is an
eclectic selection with prices for all
pocketbooks.  Come shop with me!

Welcome to a unique little space
offering by Karen Campbell

Come view our gently used items that
brought pleasure to someone else before they
took up residence here, and hand crafted,
hand painted, and hand sewn treasures
made by the crafter that rents this space.  I
wish you joy in your shopping, Karen.